$370,000.00 $260,000.00

Cutting station

Fully-loaded Showroom Machine

Travel X-axis 98″
Travel Y-axis 49″

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Equipped with fiber lasers with various beam powers. Lowest operating cost due to highest efficiency.

  • Laser Cutting Systems with extremely small foot-prints
  • Minimum requirements for the setup site
  • Very ergonomic handling and easy operation

Due to the fiber laser’s shorter wavelength, the cutting process is performed within a sealed enclosure. The enclosure automatically closes upon start of a cutting job and opens at the end of the cutting operation to allow direct removal of cut parts.

Laser-Jet Cutting Systems feature a transverse layout:

  • Machine bridge runs along the long work surface dimension (X axis) – the cutting table does not have to be pulled out of the machine for plate loading and parts unloading.

Machine control can be connected to the internet. This will allow remote control functions and remote diagnostics and monitoring of the system state.

  • Laser beam is guided in a flexible fiberoptic cable, eliminating the requirement to clean beam travel optics
  • Cutting lens is protected by an easy to replace protective glass lens
  • Virtually maintenance-free laser operation
  • Automatic cutting process guide, height sensing
  • Labeling of cut parts with the same cutter head
  • Available with manually retractable cutting table, or with automatic changer table system
  • Can be equipped with cutting drawers (optional)
  • Turning unit for tube machining can be integrated into the work surface (optional)


Standard equipment:

Complete system with PC control, Ytterbium fiber laser, fiberoptic cable, high-pressure cutter head, capacitive height sensing, toggle for cutting gas/cutting pressure, support grid for metal cutting, automatically moving protective enclosure, coolant regeneration, operating manual and programming instructions



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Additional information

Working area
Workpiece support height

39 in

Throat width

112 in

Throat height

2.4 in

Max. work piece weight

0.5 lbs/ft2

Rapid feed

2,362 in/min

Travel X-axis

98 in

Travel Y-axis

49 in

Travel Y-axis extension (optional)

59 in

Travel Z-axis

3 in

Positioning accuracies

± 0.002 in


± 0.002 in

Measures and weights
Overall dimensions

152 x 89 x 79 in


4,620 lbs

Ytterbium Fiber Laser FL 2000
Shaft length

1.07 – 1.08 

CW beam power, min.

200 W

CW beam power, max.

2,100 W

Pulse peak power

2,000 W

Pulse frequency max.

2,000 Hz

Power consumption max.

8,31 Hp

Power stability

± 2%


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